Helen’s House //2016

Helen’s House is a new story of a house which springs out from the old urban fabric of Gdynia. The interior of the house has been inspired by its body where the internal architecture of homely space is shaped by the division of particular rooms. A dialogue of wood and concrete creates the main suspense which develops the temperature of the interior. Entwined in a mutual relation, these two materials unpretentiously spread through equivocal surfaces – walls, ceilings. And the noble light oak wood seems to be the winner here. Its warmth creates the pleasure that can be experienced in that space. It warms up the shades of grayness, concrete textures and hard materials.

Helen’s House is also a subtle smile of its dwellers, caught in the presence of Bansky, at a secluded place, or a symbolic, masculine division of the kids’ bathroom.

The concept and photographs of the interior are presented on our blog:

The author of the body of the building is Karina Myszkier.

Photo by Marcin Konopka /MSWW


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