New (P)age // Gdynia, 2016

The Enlightenment is the key word here but also a theme of a certain game. The light which streams down on Buddha has been symbolically encompassed into an installation that deserves the status of an artistic installation. A drop of light. The Bound Enlightenment of Buddha also provides a hint how to read that space. Next, just behind the table, a history of an intellectual journey is revealed to us by grand belles-lettres: great and surrealistic, which endows the dining room with the status of a model-table, set on a shelf, side by side to grand novels. A curtain covers a part of the terrace window. It finds its reflection in another curtain, drawn behind the fireplace – a fossil curtain of sintered stoneware. That is a play of materials which can jab our expectations indeed. And all that has been arrayed in an elegant convention, glamourous mood, which however reveals some traits of the dwellers who pursue wit, ambiguity, drama and sophisticated exultation. Let the Enlightenment last!


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