Sea Towers Apartment // Gdynia, 2012

An investor had approached our studio and asked us to design interiors of an apartment in a building situated at the sea. The investor had a wish to design a luxerious weekend apartment that could at the same time be used as an every-day home.

We’ve received a task to design an apartment from its basics: the investor handed us an open plan of 100m2 that we were supposed to design. Functional and aesthetic guidelines that we’ve received let us design an interior of clear division on common and private space. The common part consists of a living room with kitchen annex. A spacious hall leads to a study/guest-room separated by sliding glass door. There are closets that hold pieces of home equipment in the hall. The private space is – at the first glance – invisible : together with a little bathroom it’s hidden behind the door that were integrated with wall lining. A bedroom with wardrobe and a bathroom are parts of the private zone.

Economy of colours and the leitmotif of white was a suggestion of the investor and a result of our perception of this specific, inspiring space, where the Baltic Sea plays the main role. Thanks to big windows in the living room, the apartment became a space of integrated inside and outside views.

The line of custom furniture under the window repeats the landscape and continuous on the perpendicular wall. In order to minimize objects in the space, the whole necessary equipment had been hidden there – it holds a canal heater, that together with side surfaces creates a seat with a beautiful view. Soft pillows are very welcoming. The furniture also holds AV system, subwoofer and a bio fireplace located on the perpendicular wall. Above a TV set hidden behind a black glass panel is situated – the panel also protects the wall from the fireplace’s warmth. The composition is can be described as reserved and respectful to the landscape outside. Our graphics gives background to the dark monolith.

Few pieces of orange furniture and décor are contrasting accents in the investor’s most favorite colour.

Very important part of the interior is the custom furniture – thanks to it the space is both aesthetically coherent and functional.

After sunset, when the Baltic becomes disturbingly dark and only few lights spark on the waterfront, the apartment gains a new life. Thanks to carefully chosen light and system of intelligent steering we can create light scenes with ease and pleasure. After dark horizontal divisions become more visible thanks to the hidden light and the fire bringing cosiness. Although there are a lot of white surfaces and lustrous textures, the apartment is pleasantly warm and welcoming.

fot. Marcin Konopka


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