Syrena Paradiso // Elbląg, 2017

A movie at the Cinema on a Sunday morning and the first dates… Once the Syrena Cinema used to be a place of the first early years enchantment with the big screen for many Elbląg dwellers. Just as Giuseppe Tornatore’s Paradiso Cinema, the Syrena Cinema used to offer a taste of an inaccessible world and, as any other cinemas in small towns, it became a portal to a reality which – viewed from a grey perspective of the Polish People’s Republic – seemed unreal.

History likes making time-loops. Now, at the place where the cinema was once located, new apartments have been built and their owners have just started a new stage of their lives. The spirit of the past provides a sentimental base to this place which has already become friendly and cosy. The interior turns into soothing background for the celebration of new everyday life. The time-loop closes here. The walls are gone. Everyday life becomes a dream from the past come true, offering access to everything everywhere. Comfort and beauty. Celebration of colourful life to its fullest, as it used to be so attractive before… Is that the magic of the Syrena Cinema doors? We wish that to the new residents of that house!


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