MIAMI BALTICO // Gdańsk, 2020

The design of the apartment was created during the period of the first lockdown caused by coronavirus. An experience that rubbed our noses a bit with our endless appetites for the world given on the tray. Suddenly, from the perspective of our homes, we greatly appreciated the time when we were exploring the world without hindrance. Hence the working name of the apartment – Miami Baltico. Travel without moving. Finally, the spirit of Miami turned into an european flight, the key of which became cranes. The key to exotic countries. Pastel colors subtly envelop and sooth the senses, allow you to momentally move away with birds looking for warmth for the winter. Black, however, guarantees a safe return. Like ballast or anchor, it does not allow you to get lost. The flash of gold is a delicate rustle of gems carried by ships from overseas expeditions. The journey continues, on site, regardless of the weather, surroundings and moods. On the road!

fot. Emi Karpowicz



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