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– What do we do?

We devote our energy and commitment in the area of ​​smuggling beauty of everyday life. Look and listen. We propose that we create. We meet the requirements.

Our goal is to create places where housing, food, work and rest have their own specific, personal dimension.

The interiors we see as a mosaic of elements that are trying to arrange a harmonious whole. Therefore, in order to achieve the proper effect we also design furniture, lighting, art creation, that is, housing activity in the area and on the outskirts of the concept design.

The scope of activities includes a broad MSWW interior design:
– Private (houses, flats, apartments, etc.)
– Public (offices, shops, showrooms, restaurants, public buildings, hotels, etc.)

– How do we work?

The project is seen as a process taking place in various stages:

We try to understand the customer’s needs – collect information on style, taste, we determine the general nature of the emerging space. We define the objectives of the project, we plan to run.

Conceptual design space defines the idea mood of the room, contains the main assumptions of the space-communication, functional, color, material, lighting. Provides a basis for discussion.

Execution phase
Clarifies the concept and translate it to the exact dimensions, specific materials and products taking into account the realities of the budget. We work with reliable and trusted suppliers and manufacturers so that our customer can always count on the professional service and advice at every stage.

Project Executive
The result of the current activities is the project containing drawings created for each sub – specialists in the following industries: electrical, plumbing, construction, lighting and furniture. The project contains all the information needed to individual teams to carry out the work.

Is an optional part of the project. Supervise the work of contractors and suppliers controlling compliance with the prepared project. Regular presence on the site guarantees the consistency of the project with the execution and allows for rapid interventions and accurate decisions.

The completed project is the last part of the process, while it is initialised to reflect and confirm the vision of the space.

– Where we work?

We operate mainly in the Tri-City and the surrounding area, but also undertake work on projects localized outside our region, as well as outside Polish borders. In the age of the Internet and high-speed travel is not a problem for us.

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