Orlove // 2017

Someone’s seen you at Maxim’s again…

The concept of Orlove comes as the accolade of simplicity and care for exceptionality. Whiteness and its expressive entourage. Fabulous onirism set in a practical framework. Or maybe the other way round?

The interior of the house spins a yarn of memories, sentimental returns to the times when everything remote and unreachable became magic and enchanted… It becomes a catalogue of memories. Opening more and more drawings and boxes, it invites you to listen to some whispers of overseas journeys from which a rhino has been brought in a pocket, as a keepsake. And not just a rhino – it has been borrowed from Durer and Salvador Dali.

You can hear sounds of a jukebox and the King appears, swinging his hips in a nonchalant way, inviting you to a party.

Upstairs, Mrs. M. encourages you to have some rest, flirtatiously inviting you to hide in a cosy corner of the study.

White and black come as the colour dominant, warmed up by bright wood, beige textiles and yellow tones. Dark azure, dark blue and indigo introduce coolness of the sea depths, reminding about the Baltic Sea which crashes its relentless waves against the cliffs, just a few meters away from here…


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